Marketing is a State of Mind

Marketing comes before selling. It’s quite simple: No marketing, No sales. Even if you have the most incredible product or service in the world, you might as well close your doors if you don’t market first.

Customers buy for a combination of reasons: (1) They need the product, (2) They have the authority to buy, (3) They have money, and (4) They TRUST. Trust comes from having reached a level of comfort in the relationship with the seller – a partnership -- that induces them to buy. That requires marketing!

What is marketing? The definition of marketing can be applied to a wide array of ‘top of the mind’ strategies, the purposes of which are to attract and keep customers.

Marketing is a cheerful attitude and voice on the phone. Marketing is press releases and editorials for exposure. Marketing is networking. Marketing is knowing your industry. Marketing is knowing your customers’ habits and personalities. Marketing identifies needs and wants. Marketing solves problems. Marketing is knowing the competition. Marketing is empathic. Marketing is professionalism. Marketing is knowledge and awareness. Marketing is delivering on time. Marketing is keeping commitments. Marketing is ethics. Marketing is participating in trade organizations. Marketing is progressive, inventive, and creative. Marketing maximizes core competencies. Marketing is fluid. Marketing is energy, passion and vision. Marketing creates brand awareness and niches. Marketing is an end run around the competition. Marketing is developing relationships and partnering with customers. Marketing builds trust. Marketing is quality, value, and/or service – whatever is most important to the individual customer. MARKETING IS OPTIMUM CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SATISFACTION.

Marketing philosophy and its strategies must pervade all elements of a business. The concept is grounded in the belief that a company should dedicate all of its policies, planning, and operation to the satisfaction of the customer with the belief that the final result of all business activity should be to earn a profit by satisfying the customer. Where does the responsibility for formulating and implementing a company’s marketing program begin? AT THE TOP!

Who is responsible for carrying out the marketing plan? EVERYONE IN THE COMPANY! That includes the telephone operator and receptionist; office, administrative, data systems, and accounting staff; marketing, PR, and advertising departments; manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and receiving personnel; assembly line, mail room, and janitorial staff; and, of course, all members of the executive management and sales staffs. Everyone must march to the same beat. Who did we leave out?

BOTTOM LINE: Marketing is finding and keeping customers. Marketing reminds customers that they made the right decision to do business with you. MARKETING CREATES OPPORTUNITIES FOR A LIFETIME.

QUESTION: What is your marketing plan? Is everyone in your company tuned into a top-down marketing philosophy? What marketing is effective and can it be expanded. What marketing is not working?

MARKETING IS A STATE OF MIND ~ Is it time to re-write your own marketing plan?

Author’s Note: Thanks and credit for this provocative statement, MARKETING IS A STATE OF MIND, go to Domenic Salvemini, a good friend, entrepreneur, and fellow member of the Somerset, New Jersey, Chapter of NAWBO, National Association of Women Business Owners.

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