Pet Industry Brainstorming
and Strategic Thinking

total-pet-expo2The independent pet industry is extremely competitive.  Achieving one’s goals is grounded in a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, avoiding pitfalls that lead to costly trial and error, and staying ahead of the changes that are occurring on a daily basis.  Herein lies the value of mentoring and brainstorming with a pet industry insider, Animal Brands®.

Dedicated to the growth of the pet industry, Animal Brands® has first-hand knowledge and experience gained over a period of 30 years from working with over 100 manufacturers, hundreds of distributors, and thousands of retailers provides a unique ability to guide entrepreneurs and investors in effective decision-making strategies.
ANIMAL BRANDS® has a strong background in business creation and management, comprehensive knowledge of proven business practices, and resources needed to help clients reorganize and/or launch new businesses.  Clients learn critical concepts that form the foundation for beginning the process to achieve their goals. Grounded in Guerrilla strategies, our customized consulting program offers a wealth of state-of-the-art knowledge gained from hands-on experience.

By mentoring and brainstorming with Animal Brands®, clients are ready to prioritize and implement strategic plans that will enable them to achieve their goals for sustained growth and profitability.

ANIMAL BRANDS® resources and areas of expertise:

  • Business, Marketing, and Selling Plans
  • Target Marketing – Horizontal & Vertical
  • Strategic, Integrated Marketing Plans including
  • 4-Walls Marketing, Neighborhood Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Social Media
  • Guerrilla Low Cost / No Cost Marketing Tactics
  • New Product & New Market Launch Programs
  • Database Marketing Strategies: CRM
  • Maximizing Technology: Websites & Email
  • Comprehensive Use of Marketing Tools & Tactics
  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Sales Team & Territory Management:
  • Support of Customer Service, Company Reps and Independent Reps/Brokers
  • Sales Coaching ~ Groups & One-on-One
  • Territory Management
  • Critique Of Collateral, Packaging, Written & Verbal Communications, Websites
  • Design & Leveraging of Marketing Tools
  • Market Potential And Competitive Evaluations
  • Presentations And Workshops
  • In-house Education Programs
  • Strategies for PR & Media Coverage
  • Trade & Industry Exposures
  • Trade Show & Event Marketing & Training
  • Customer Retention Programs
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Strategic Channel Partnerships
  • Structuring Margins and Markups
  • Referrals to Trusted Resources


Every business requires a different ‘game plan’.  What works for one may be way off base for another. As in sports coaching, our breadth of business coaching experience will help you identify and implement the best practices for your business.  You’ll get the objectivity and insight you need to confirm your suspicions, an educated ‘ear’ to hear your ideas, a ‘roadmap’ of powerful strategies and tactics that are just right for you.

Call today for your free 30-minute assessment and self-assessment questionnaires.  You’ll discover how strategic advice and coaching can make a remarkable difference for your business.