Monthly Archives: February 2014

Trade Shows

Trade shows are sound investments for attendees who know in advance what they want to accomplish. Those who follow a well-defined 'game plan' will reap rewards that lead to successful business for a lifetime. Exhibitors who are prepared enjoy a win-win payoff, too! Unique opportunities will surface for retailers, wholesalers, sales reps, and manufacturers who…
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The Cost of Low Price

Those of us who are students of selling philosophies and strategies will concur that a common premise in selling is to offer customers quality, service, and value – usually translated into price – low price. Clearly, many of our competitors in the pet industry strive to compete on the best, lowest price to get business…
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Marketing is a State of Mind

Marketing comes before selling. It’s quite simple: No marketing, No sales. Even if you have the most incredible product or service in the world, you might as well close your doors if you don’t market first. Customers buy for a combination of reasons: (1) They need the product, (2) They have the authority to buy,…
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